Going forward, proletaria will be publishing e-chapbooks by individual poets!

Submissions are open all year round, 24/7, on an ongoing basis. Submit only a manuscript of your finest 15 unpublished one line poems, statements or modern haiku, tanka or haibun of any combination in a single word (doc/docx) document or in the body of the email along with a short bio to

E.g. You may submit 10 one-line haiku and 5 tanka or 3 monostichs , 5 modern three-line haiku, 2 haibun and 5 statements that add up to 15 poems in total. All manuscripts must feature some one-line haiku or monostichs. The only exception is a manuscript of 15 monostichs/ one-line haiku. Otherwise, you have the freedom to decide.

Title your email subject as: SUBMISSION

There are no submission or reading fees, there never will be. Authors will receive a USD $15 publication reward for each accepted manuscript. Rewards will only be sent via Paypal, register for an account if you don’t have one, it’s simple. Cover design will be borne by us. Books will be featured here at as free downloadable PDFs. We will do our best to feature and promote your work on social media and other platforms, we hope you would do the same.

Allow 6 to 8 weeks for response.

All copyrights revert back to the artist upon publication. You own the rights to your work. If you would like to publish your works elsewhere after proletaria, we would love for you to acknowledge proletaria as your work’s first home.

What are we looking for?

a poem or statement in a single sentence or line

proletaria is looking for one-line poems, such as the monostich. Imagine, a page of words compressed into a single line. A clever retelling of the world around us in a single sentence. The monostich is distinct from other one-liner forms as it comprises of a title (not always). The title, sometimes, is part of the poem.

We are also looking for monoku and one-line haiku. I, personally would describe this form as a poem/haiku told in a single breath that has elements of nature, wit and personal experience. The monoku or one-line haiku does not have a title.

Lastly, we would love to for you to send us philosophical anecdotes or aphorisms in a single statement or line. 

We would love for poems or works to be written or inspired by politics, philosophy and phenomena. We welcome poems in the experimental and conceptual field that follows the one line or one sentence rule.

Examples of writing the monostich can be found here:

Examples of writing the monoku or one-line haiku can be found here: