Refer to submissions page for e-chapbook guidelines. This page will be updated with the downloadable chapbooks when they are ready for publication and public viewing.

E-chapbooks or electronic books are the future of our world. It may or may not replace physical books but ebooks are a huge step forward in climate change and habitat conservation. Ultimately reducing the carbon footprint of physical copies and aiding in the reduction of mass paper production and the cutting down of forests.

proletaria has made the move to publish all titles in ebook format. People around the world are now connected electronically over the web via mobile devices. Ebooks are downloaded to mobile devices and accessed from any part of the world. Carry your read with you and be inspired!

Instructions: Right click to save and download linked file. Enjoy the read and share!


green dawn by Isabella Kramer- green dawn

thus have I heard by Malintha Perera- thus have I heard

exposed wishes by Billy Antonio- exposed wishes

Feathered Skies by Clive Bennett- Feathered Skies

among my molecules by Faye Brinsmead- among my molecules

The New Norm by Lori A Minor- The New Norm

days blur by Anna Maris- days blur

filth by Tiffany Shaw-Diaz- filth

What I Say to You by Bob Lucky- What I Say to You

Pinewood Hills by Padmini Krishnan- Pinewood Hills

Working with Demons by Hifsa Ashraf- Working with Demons

nothing to explain by Eva Limbach- nothing to explain

Glint by Alan Summers- Glint

painting birch by Michael O’Brien- painting birch