proletaria is a journal and e-chapbook publisher dedicated to the art of literary one-liners. Taking the form of the monostich, monoku/ one-line haiku or anecdotal statements. These single line or single sentence verses are inspired by politics, philosophy and the phenomena of all worldly and natural events happening around us.

Why proletaria?

proletaria comes from the word proletariat- the working class. This world that we live in is exactly that, the working class feeding the people above and below us. We, sandwiched between the living and dead have never had much attention. Labouring for the ideals of madmen, dictators and bending over backwards so that there is food on the table for those we love. Often underestimated, in some situations- underprivileged, we too are human. Flesh and emotions exploited, often slave driven, coaxed into robotic work frenzies, brainwashed buffalos whipped to exhaustion.

They forget that we too have horns, horns that would have oppression impaled in a moment should you push us too far. Politicians forget that we have the numbers, that we can and we would overwhelm and swarm streets with resistance in an instant. Freedom, my friend, is a basic human right. Why deny us that?

This world has many names, Earth, Gaia, Terra, Mother and yet we forget that this world belongs to the proletariat- us. This world is proletaria

The logo?

The ladybug in the logo symbolises the proletariat, the working class’s passive-aggresive nature. Protecting our crops from pests and yet harmless to humans. Always at work, never given much recognition and love for its labour. What would your gardens and farms be without them? What would you be eating? Dirt, maybe?